• Beauty Products

    When it comes to wearing beauty products and jewelry, it is important to consider the order in which they are worn. Hairspray, moisturizer, nail polishes, perfumes, and other beauty products should be applied before jewelry, as some of the chemicals found in these products can have a negative effect on jewelry.

  • Bathing with Jewelry on

    We recommend you not to bathe with your jewelry on to prevent chemical deterioration. It is best to remove jewelry before taking a bath to avoid any potential damage.

  • Pools and Beaches

    Careful! Jewelry can be damaged if it's exposed to water with sulfur or strong chemicals, like swimming pools with a high amount of chlorine, as well as the combined salt water
    with sand and sunlight.

  • Home Chores

    It is strongly advised not to wear jewelry while doing house chores like washing dishes or cooking in order to protect pieces from being scratched, hit, or damage by cleaning chemicals.